Is it just me, or do summers in New Jersey seem like they're slowly becoming more wet and humid? Over the past decade, summertimes feel like they've been more sticky with bigger downpours than ever before.

We just had the remnants of Fred move through our area, and now we have Henri passing close by. Combine that with all the tornados we've had so far this summer season, and I can't help but notice the weather becoming more extreme here in NJ thanks to climate change.

I remember as a kid nights getting cooler in late August with temperatures more or less in the 80s during the day. I also don't think the humidity was as oppressive as it is now. As my son said recently when we went to go for a walk, "let's go swimming around the neighborhood," a reference to how thick the humidity was.

Now, I'm not necessarily looking up any statistics here. I'm just going based on what seems to the the new normal, which to me is warmer temps, higher humidity, and more downpours with severe storms for a longer period of time. Combine that with impacts from tropical systems, more heat waves with higher humidity, and rain replaced by downpours, I can't help but feel that New Jersey is slowly becoming more tropical.

Speaking of tropical weather, did you know it's been 10 years since Tropical Storm Irene made landfall right here in the Garden State? Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow takes a look back at the affects Irene had on New Jersey and how our our lives were impacted from that historic storm.

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