With Arbor Day approaching, I thought this was interesting to share.  I don't mean to be morbid but do you know what you want to have done when you meet your maker? Well, apparently, there are more options for our human remains than the same old boring burial.  Did you know that we can now be a tree?  You heard me, we can be a tree.

There is a company called The Living Urn and they found a way to literally make us into the tree of life.

This is how it works, the company takes the cremated remains and blends them into a biodegradable urn/planter.  Then they include the tree seedling of the departed's choice. As it grows, the deceased becomes a part of the growing tree making it a living memorial.

This environmentally friendly trend is really taking off.  Some people decide to plant such a tree either on their own property or in a "Memory Forest".  Think about it, it is a way to give back to our planet for eternity. I thought that this idea was pretty innovative. You can actually pick which tree you want to become.  Here are your options:

You Could Become A Tree

It is never fun to talk about death, but with Arbor Day coming up, I thought I should mention that there is now another unique option for those who have passed away. Image this, one day you could actually become a tree. Yes, there is a company that uses your ashes to grow the tree you want to be. Here are your choices...


I think this is a really beautiful idea whether you plant one on your family property or in a public park as a memorial.  Which tree would you be?  I'm feeling the bright yellow leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba tree!  If you want to learn more about it their website has more info here.

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