photo courtesy of Amy Paradise
photo courtesy of Amy Paradise
Amy Paradise
photo courtesy of Amy Paradise
Incase you haven't heard of the Bayville peacock, we are lucky to have a roaming peacock through out neighborhoods in Bayville.
The peacock was spotted in Forked River, could it be our beloved Bayville peacock?
From what I heard from a dear friend, she saw the peacock in Forked River, just yesterday. Is it possible that he took a long walk south, I hope not.
People were kind to the peacock, two officers were blocking Rt. 9 in Forked River just so he could cross the road safely. Then she was telling me she saw several people guiding the peacock to make sure it was safe. "Thank you" for being so kind to the beautiful bird.
I'm not sure if the peacock was heading to the post office on Rt. 9, Ralph's Italian Ice for a cherry ice, or McDonald's.
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There is a Facebook page dedicated to the Bayville Peacock. So many friends and neighbors tell me they see the peacock and we text each other pictures of it in our back yard or on our block.
From the Facebook page, Mr. Peabody (Bayville's peacock) was spotted in Bayville at the same time this peacock was spotted in Forked River. And the Forked River peacock has a name too, Mr. Peaty? I never knew. Is this true?
I love all the responses about Mr. Peabody taking a vacation from Bayville or maybe he just needed to go on an adventure. Good to hear, hopefully, the Bayville peacock is home safe and sound in Bayville.
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