We knew if we asked you, the true experts on all things Jersey Shore, we'd get to the bottom of that awesome mural building in Brick at the intersection of Brick Blvd.

The mural has been adorning the building for years, which now serves as storage for Awards of Brick. And so many locals love it and consider it a town landmark. So, how much more of the story have we learned?

So, we learned through your knowledge and memory, that the mural was painted back in the days when the location was actually an art store called The Art and Frame Store. The mural is tribute to Van Gogh's "The Starry Night".

We learned through social media posts about this mural that the art store was a beloved establishment in the area, and the mural remains just as popular today. As a matter of fact, when the awards store opened in that location they did a survey about repainting the structure, and the response was a resounding 'leave it the way it is"!

We also found a great article about the work at centraljersey.com, and that article says the artwork was done by an employee of The Art and Frame store named Phyllis Vivoli. Thank you Phyllis, we're all still enjoying your awesome work each day!

photo Jacquie Pedersen
photo Jacquie Pedersen

We thank you all so much for sharing with us what you knew about this really cool landmark in one of our favorite local towns. We knew if anyone could fill in the blanks for us, it would be you.

And we remind you that there has never been a more important time to buy local than now, so support all the great local businesses in Brick, like Awards of Brick, and all the local businesses in our area.

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