This weekend we spring ahead so we get longer days and we're that much closer to summer. But we are going to lose that hour.

Now, no one seems to mind losing the hour because it means there is more daytime for us at the Jersey Shore and it also means we're putting winter behind us. But there are times we are going to miss that hour.

Here are three times Jersey Shore residents will miss that 'spring ahead hour'

Monday Morning. Of course, the minute that alarm goes off Monday morning, we'll be cursing out anyone associated with creating the whole 'spring ahead' concept. By the way, workplace injuries goes up almost 6% on the Monday after the clocks change.

The First Time We're Late. There is going to come a day soon when the Parkway or some other Jersey Shore road will be jammed with traffic and we'll have to tell our boss the old "yes, but it's really only 7:30 right"?

When The Mornings Are Darker. If it's lighter later in the day than it will be darker earlier in the day, at least for a while, so that will certainly take some getting used to.

There are really no negatives about this spring ahead thing that outweigh the benefits, at least I don't think so. So remember before you go to bed Saturday night to rob a perfectly good hour of sleep from yourself.

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