There's a new scam going around that you need to know about. It seems like a totally harmless text message from someone from a dating app, but it's actually a clever disguise to steal your money.

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What kind of texts should you look out for?

I first heard about this scam in a few Facebook groups I'm in. Members were sharing a text they got from a wrong number asking if they were someone they spoke to on a dating app (I've seen Hinge mostly, but heard other examples of scam texts claiming they matched on Plenty of Fish). shared a few examples of what to look out for - they match the texts I've seen floating around on Facebook:

hi are u Roger? im Manda,,, we matched on Hinge last time I came down to hang with my aunt but we didn’t meet for coffee,, I’m back in town again if ya wanted 2 really go out while I’m here, r u available?


What should you do if you get this text?

If you get this text message DELETE, DELETE, DELETE! You can also block the number too to be safe.

What happens if you reply?

Uh oh! You replied to the text - now what? The scammer will try and continue the conversation, and send a "picture" to lure you in. also shared the picture that, again, is the SAME one I've seen on Facebook. The article goes on to say that the goal of this exchange is to try and get you to sign up for an adult website - awkward. I've also seen Facebook comments that said scammers can get your personal info this way - I don't know how true that is, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

Here are other tips to spot a scam text message:

When you get a text that you're unsure is a scam, stop and think before you reply! Is the text full of misspellings? Are they asking you to click a link that looks fishy? If the message is claiming to come from a business or bank, is there an 800 number you can call to confirm? Don't be afraid to investigate something that looks odd, and always follow your gut!

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