I love this so much, happy first week of school. It's a stressful, fun time for all. Here's something you can read together.

It's Back to school time and thought this was perfect. Parents you'll love this one.

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Read it to the kids, and enjoy. I saw this on Facebook.

'Twas the Night Before School Started (Unknown Author)

'Twas the night before school started,

when all through the town,

the parents were cheering.

It was a riotous sound!

By eight, kids were washed

and tucked into bed...

when memories of homework filled them with dread.

New pencils, new folders, new notebooks, too!

New teachers, new friends...

Their anxiety grew!

The Parents just giggled when

They learned of this fright

And shouted upstairs--

"Go to bed! It's a school night!"

Back to school is this week for most schools in Ocean County. My daughter started her Junior year at Central Regional High School. It's such an exciting time for kids and parents.

suesmith2, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
suesmith2, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

Most kids I've spoken to were so excited to start school. As kids get older, they don't love it as much.

I was getting some Facebook messages wishing their kids "good luck" today:

Sandy in Barnegat - Good luck Ty as you head into 9th grade

Shawn in Bayville - Have fun my little Sara as you start 4th grade, keep reaching for those stars.

Lyle in Berkeley Township - Good luck to my twin girls Aubrey and Ashley as they enter 1st grade this year.

Thank you for your awesome well wishes for my daughter, also. It means so much.

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