Historic events like 9/11, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the recent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa, flat earth, aliens and UFO’s, even the second Muhammad Ali-Sonny Liston fight are among a long list of things that have taken place with many conspiracy theorists questioning their validity and more.  I guess we can add the growing coronavirus to that list.

I am amazed (although I probably should not be) by the amount of people who truly believe this virus and its impact are being completely exaggerated and some will tell you it’s some form of government conspiracy.

There are those who think it was created in China as a way to reduce population and what has taken place in the U.S. is partly fall out from that.  There are also those who actually believe COVID-19 originated in this country, just like there were some who believed the U.S. developed AIDS and Ebola.

The only thing we truly know right now is we don’t know.  Sure we know it’s spreading across the country, it has a much higher death rate than the flu and the older population and those with pre-existing conditions are at much greater risk.

What we don’t know is how serious of a problem this is going to be and clearly there are many who are not taking this very serious, especially millennials.  If you saw pictures of spring breakers in Clearwater Beach, Florida earlier this week then you know there’s a lot of young people who feel they are immune to this pandemic.

However here is the reality.  At some point in the coming weeks most of us are going to know someone who tests positive for COVID-19.  Whether it’s us directly, a family member, friend we will have a connection to someone who gets sick.  At that point it becomes very real.  I hope for my sake and yours that does not happen.

Today is simply another day we have to get through.  Remember every day we come closer to the end of this with life returning to normal.

Stay healthy my friends!

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