You remember the disaster that was Corrado's Market in Laurel Square Shopping Center, right?

Man, did you miss quite the scandal. Here's a quick refresher.

Corrado's is known as a specialty Italian grocery store with an array of authentic Italian classics. I am talking fresh cheeses, fresh cuts of meats, fresh cold cuts, specialty sauces, pasta and more.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

They have stores in Clifton, Wayne, Fairfield and Denville; And for a while we thought that Corrado's Market was going to open another location in Brick.

Boy, were we wrong.

After many, many, many delays, Corrado's Market was evicted from the space days before they were supposed to open. I remember this sad day.

Within a day or two, their sign was taken down and everything.

I think we have all made peace with this loss by now but we still don't have an answer to the question we've all been asking ourselves since June: What will take Corrado's Market's place?

(Corrado's Google Map photo)
(Corrado's Google Map photo)

We finally are being given a hint as to what is coming to the Laurel Square Shopping Center.

According to, "Brixmor Property Group [the owner of Laurel Square Shopping center] is in negotiations with a, 'regional specialty grocery store,' that will lease part of the vacant store."

Now my head is swirling. Which grocery store chain?

Maybe Stop & Shop? Or what about Trader Joe's? Oh my god! If we get a Wegman's in Brick, I will flip the heck out. I freaking love Wegman's.

What store are you hoping takes Corrado's place?

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