CHERRY HILL —  For a school as well known as Camden Catholic, it could be easy to understand why people would want to help the institution if it was in need.

That seems to be what scammers were banking on when they sent out a fraudulent fundraising letter that is now being investigated by the Cherry Hill Police Department.

The letter, which claims to be raising funds for the Camden County educational association, is, in fact, not associated with the private school at all.

"It's fairly obvious that it's extremely fake and a scam," said Kate Bieg, the school's director of marketing. "We're hoping that anybody that happens to come across it knows to ignore it."

While the letter seeks "donations" to the school, there's no way to actually provide it.

"I'm not sure what the purpose of this was," she said.

The letter claims to be raising money for the school's special education department to allow the students to attend a "field trip to a job association." It adds, "Unfortunately the school is running low on funds for the trip," necessitating the fundraising effort.

Bieg said that the email listed in the email, the phone number provided, and even the names of the purported signers of the letter are all fake.

The school said the letter was mostly seen in the Pennsauken area, and was first reported on Friday. Anyone who has received the letter is encouraged to contact the department to help provide more information for the investigation.

Camden Catholic letter

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