Did you know that the absolute first seaside resort in all of America is right here in the Garden State? And, if you can believe this, it's still open!

It is perfectly safe to say that seaside vacationing in America originated right here in the Garden State. That is a pretty awesome piece of history you may not have been aware of U.S. and New Jersey history you may not have known.

So where did it all begin? Where did America's first seaside resort open up. It all happened 100 miles down the Parkway, even though the Parkway wasn't even an idea yet, mostly because cars weren't around yet, But this hotel was.

It all started in 1816 for the amazing Congress Hall in Cape May. Can you imagine the  stories that building should tell, right? And as you can imagine, Congress Hall's history is pretty amazing.

There was a time that Congress Hall was known as the Summer White House, and here in 2021, they are still going strong. They are still a great place for vacation fun, weddings and so much more. And it's amazing to know that it all started as an oversized boarding house. The Congress Hall website has more great historic details.

Just think about this. How many current businesses do you know that can say they have been going strong in three separate centuries. That's a lot to absorb. Now try this. Their doors were open 70 years before the car was invented. Wow.

This is how old Congress Hall was when other inventions happened.

96 years old when the Oreo cookie was introduced.

50 years old when the first hot dogs were sold.

63 years old when the light bulb was patented.

So, if you've dreamed of staying at this legendary place, this may be your summer. Go enjoy the amazing piece of history that is Congress Hall.

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