His real name was William Szathmary, but he was better known by TWO other names - BILL DANA and character JOSE JIMENEZ. Dana was a writer and a regular on the old Steve Allen Show, and his Jimenez character really brought him to prominence as a regular on The Danny Thomas Show, and then on his own Bill Dana Show which introduced the world to Don Adams and Jonathan Harris. The character also spawned a hit album and a Top Twenty single called "The Astronaut." It's not well known, but Dana also wrote for many episodic TV shows, including the famous Sammy Davis, Jr. episode of All in the Family. Dana died earlier today at the age of 92. His brother, Irving Szathmary wrote the theme songs for TV's Get Smart and I'm Dickens, He's Fenster. The scene below depicts Dana as Jimenez - a guest on ABC's Hollywood Palace.


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