These guys may not be ready for games just yet, but they sure look like they're ready for Hollywood.

Perennial college baseball power University of Arizona has put out this fantastic video that pays homage to the scene in Major League where the players arrive at Spring Training. In this instance, Wildcat players arrive at the field under the glaring eyes of the coaching staff.

It's right on the money. Speaking of cash, for our money the best performance goes to Arizona head coach Jay Johnson, who digs deep to do a killer Lou Brown impression, gravelly voice and all. Matt Frazier also does a Willie "Mays" Hayes that's so good Wesley Snipes would be proud.

Arizona, which opens its season on Friday, lost in the finals of last year's College World Series to Coastal Carolina. The teams is 16th in the preseason rankings and, based on this clip, should be a lot of fun to watch.

Here's the original scene that inspired the 'Cats. Note the NSFW language.

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