I am not going to lie...I screamed when I first saw this headline and somewhere, my mom and two sisters are doing the happy dance of a lifetime because this is a dream come true.

They say to give the people what they want....and Cinnabon listened.

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News just broke that the chain who specializes is baked goods will now be selling their signature frosting by the pint across the country.

These pints will be available at all Cinnabon bakeries but if you are not too keen on leaving the house (with the spike in COVID-19 cases, I get it) you can also get these pints of icing delivered to you using third-party delivery apps.

Each pint will cost $5.99 -- totally doable. (Maybe stock up?) 

This icing would go great on top of a lot of holiday treats: cookies, brownies, cakes and if you are brave enough, by the spoonful!

As much as this announcement is a dream come true, this is definitely a business move being made by Cinnabon to try and stay afloat amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. (Because what else is new)

These pints of icing are intended to help business in busy places like malls and airports where now, people are that much more intent to keep it moving to get out of crowded areas. When foot traffic in "high profile" areas drops like it has in 2020, that means business suffers.

But it is a super smart move because these pints of icing are perfect for those at-home baking sessions that I am sure many of you are planning this holiday season.

"An important part of our strategy for some time now has been extending the brand in crave-able ways so that we can be a part of consumers' lives in as many ways as possible," said Kristen Hartman, Cinnabon's president.
Okay....if you want to get on my good side, this is the PERFECT present for the holidays.
I'm a cheap date LOL.
Take a look at the original sources HERE and HERE.
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