Just when the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is starting to shine a little brighter, you may want to exhale a bit, but before you do you should know our next biblical battle might be against a bug battalion. An army of cicadas.

It's getting warmer, and we are due for the Brood X Cicadas to make their once in 17 year appearance after a long rest. Of course it would be this year, and of course the words being used to describe the swarm are enough to scare the pandemic mask right off your weary face.

For instance, one expert calls the onslaught a "tsunami of cicadas" with the number of insects making their way above the Earth's surface reaching into the billions. We're just now able to have outdoor gatherings and billions of cicadas will be darting  through the air toward our faces like an apocalyptic sci-fi movie?

Let's slow down just a minute. Yes, New Jersey is among the 15 or 16 states affected by the cyclical emergence of these creepy, noisy creatures, but are we really among the states that could see billions of these surreal insects? Only time will tell.

So here are some details you should know...

What are the size of the cicadas? They have about a 3 inch wingspan, and could be 2 and a half inches in length.

When will the cicadas first make an appearance? When ground temperatures reach 64 degrees.

Do they bite? What harm can they do? They do not bite, and do not try to get into your house, but they can do some damage to smaller tree branches.

Do they do any good? When they die they add nutrients to the soil, and apparently you can eat them, although I can't

Is there anything we can do that won't harm them to keep them off our property? Not really. just cover trees with netting if you see any minor damage.

You are now armed with the information you need for the Jersey Shore's epic 2021 Summer of the Cicadas. ...coming to a theater near you. Get more at USA Today

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