It's here!  It's not like we haven't been expecting it, the retailers have been shoving it down our throats since August… it's Christmas!

How did it get here so fast? Here it is the first of December and I'm not ready.

My intent this year was going with a white tree which I had - yes, past tense - had, but lost half of it when we had our flood downstairs in September. I've been asking friends and listener friends if you see a white tree to let me know and they did, but after I looked at some of the prices I said "you know what, I'm just going to use the green tree I had" and decided to just do a new theme to freshen it up. That's where these cute light ups come in: I found them in the Christmas Tree Shoppe, surprise surprise, right?

Okay so that's done and now onto the REAL stuff: shopping. Why, oh why didn't I start in August when they told me to?

Have You Started Christmas Shopping Yet?