EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — Samantha Cury Huck and Kiki Terrels grew up together in New Jersey and have been best friends since high school. Over the years, their studies and careers took them elsewhere, until they both returned to the Garden State with a single goal in mind: launching a line of custom-printed, fully adjustable swimwear emphasizing both style and comfort for women.

Like many great companies, the seeds of what bloomed into Coveline Swimwear were planted in a garage, and it was a yearlong process of planning and development before the new entity launched in August.

Coveline Swimwear
From left, Tyler Huck, Samantha Cury Huck, and Kiki Terrels

Terrels, who originally had planned to pursue menswear design after graduating from the Art Institute of New York, joined forces with the business-minded Huck and her husband, Tyler (also one of Terrels' childhood friends). The designs are primarily Terrels' responsibility, but he credits Samantha for believing the concept could work in the first place.

"She convinced me — she's like, 'All right, well let's do it, seriously' — and showed me that there was this potential in the market for something to be filled," Terrels said.

Coveline uses original, handmade prints, with bikini tops adjustable at the neck and back. And that's not all.

"What's different about our line is we make everything seamless, which means we don't have that restricting elastic in our waistband, which ends up being way more flattering on a girl's body," Samantha said.

Had she and Terrels not grown up near the Jersey Shore, they might never have thought of this idea in the first place. In fact, the Coveline name refers to a series of coves around Egg Harbor that they used to frequent in their Jet Skis with friends and family — friends and family who now frequently model their designs before they go public.

And there is a charitable angle as well: Coveline donates 10 percent of its profits to oceanic conservation.

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