Summer is truly a time to be enjoyed, more so than any other time of the year.

For me a big part of that is the beach which you likely know from past segments is my favorite place and where I’ll spend as much time as possible over the next several weeks.  However that is only part of what makes summer at the shore so special even during a pandemic when much of what we truly love has been taken away or certainly made more challenging.

It was only a couple of months ago when we were not just complaining about being locked-up but suffering through another spring of mostly dreadful weather.  Many of us, including yours truly, did not even put away all my so-called winter clothes until May and there were many days when the best term to describe conditions was “wet and cool.”

Now we flash forward to mid-July and clearly summer-like conditions have set in.  I know many don’t like heat and humidity but I’ll gladly take that for a short period of time because memories of winter last longer in my mind.

What really makes summer so great is the lifestyle it affords. Long days and nights to get out and enjoy things even if it’s as simple as sitting outside and sipping a cocktail which you can’t comfortably do in January.

It’s wearing shorts and summer dresses with sandals or topsiders.  No layers needed, unless you happen to work in a cool office.  It’s getting out of work and still having a few hours of daylight to take as walk, ride a bike or read a book.  Grass is green, flowers have bloomed and birds are chirping away.  Fire up the grill and cook burgers, hot dogs and steaks and wash it down with an ice cold beer that will never taste better.

Like to fish?  On a beautiful summer day cast your line in the river, bay or ocean. Even if you don’t catch anything it’s a way to relax for many.  Go out and play golf, whether it’s 18 holes at Bey Lea or 18 at Smuggler’s Quay in Seaside Heights. Just remember to socially distance.

We of course have boardwalks like no other and even during these challenging times you can chose to take a leisurely stroll or find all the action you might in Seaside or Point Pleasant Beach.  There’s Breakwater Beach and Jenkinson’s Aquarium in those towns or head south to LBI and enjoy Fantasy Island and Thundering Surf.

There are just 53 days between now and Labor Day so don’t waste them. Cherish them.

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