With some of the best fine dining in the country right here in New Jersey, you may be asking yourself, "what do we need a chain restaurant for?"

Fair point, but if you've never traveled south or west, we really are missing out on some pretty cool options.

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I asked the experts (you) on social to name some restaurant chains that they have stumbled upon during their travels that Jersey would really enjoy.

I was shocked to see so many suggestions of places that I have never even heard of.

Then I started doing a little digging and found some unique menu items that make each eatery special.

I also tried to find out why many of these restaurants are isolated to one specific region.

In N Out, for example. They mainly operate on the west coast, in the southeast and they have a few spots in the midwest.

For some reason, the burger chain that is a "must-try" for Jerseyians who head west won't open a location in the east. Oh, I should have said spoiler alert.

Listen, I know there are a plethora of burger, chicken, and comfort food joints in Jersey, but we are missing out on a bunch of gems in the Garden State.

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