It was "a date which will live in infamy," President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said following the attacks on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The Central Regional ROTC program has been asked to take part in ceremonies in Hawaii next year to honor those fallen American military members. Can you help them get there?

Central Regional High School
Central Regional High School

"They are going to be marching and have a whole ceremony process planned," said Central Regional Superintendent Tom Parlapanides.

He explains that the ROTC program submits their volunteer service hours on a yearly basis, and over the past year eclipsed 1600-hours.

As a result they were nationally selected, he adds, to head to Pearl Harbor next year, which puts them in unique company.

"I believe a handful of ROTC programs nationally were invited to Hawaii," said Parlapanides.

However, they need to raise money to soften the burden of transportation and lodging costs, and so they seek your help.

"We'd like to raise at least $30,000, and then the students and parents would be kicking in some money," said Parlapanides.

With some crowdfunding efforts stalling of late, Parlapanides hopes things pick back up again.

"We're trying to make it as inexpensive for our students as possible," said Parlapanides. "I believe I've sent out about 500 letters asking for donations."

They've collected almost $6,000 so far, he adds, but through a GoFundMe page set up looks for more but nothing that will break your bank account.

"People don't have to donate thousands of dollars," said Parlapanides. "It could be $100 here, $50 all adds up when you put it all together. No donation is too small."

He adds that their social media academy is helping to run the GoFundMe page.

"Hopefully we'll get some hits on that as well," said Parlapanides.

The superintendent believes that the honor of being part of the tribute is something the ROTC members deserve, and he is supporting their efforts to reach their goals.

Approximately 140 students are currently enrolled in the program, according to Parlapanides, and the rigorous academic standards they maintain is illustrated in their college destinations.

"Numerous students have gotten scholarships to West Virginia, Penn State, Virginia Tech," said Parlapanides. "We've probably received about over $6,000,000 worth of scholarships."

He reaffirms how much of a benefit this program has been because the 'failure rate' has dropped and the academics have improved.

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