In the last dozen years, local breweries have been popping up all over South Jersey.

They usually start out making one or two kinds of beer, then they branch out to more and more product offerings.

The Cape May Brewing Company has gone above and beyond what any local brewery has done: They are now making diamonds. They're doing it in conjunction with Queen May Jewelry.

Wait. What?

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You've heard of lab-grown diamonds, right? Well, Cape May Brewing Company has expanded its operations to make lab-grown diamonds out of their own beer!

Check it out:

If you're thinking, "Wow! I'd love to have one of these beer-diamonds, click here for more info.

If you clicked on the above link, you might be smiling a little more right now.

If you didn't click on the link, let me let you in on a little secret: it was all an elaborate April Fools Day joke!

I gotta tell you, they got me! Did they get you!

Well done, Cape May Brewing Company and Queen May Diamonds! I think you owe me a beer! (And a diamond...)

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