I have wanted to be in a Christmas mood since the day I officially let go of summer. Well, now that Halloween is here, can I turn to Christmas without getting criticized?

I know the theory about us rushing the holidays and Christmas ads running at the same time as back to school ads. That's a bit much, I agree, but I have to tell you, I like the Christmas season, and it always goes by so fast.

So why can't I get a little head start this year. I am sick of blinking and the holiday season is gone. So this year, I am going to get a jump on things by allowing myself the opportunity to get the Christmas spirit now.

I'm not expecting everyone to agree with me on this one, and I know lots of people won't and that's ok. There's n right or wrong here.  I just love the holiday season and want to enjoy it and not miss it. And if that means I have to start earlier, then that's what I'm going to do!

So finish that Halloween candy and let's put up some blinking lights and get this thing started!

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