Karens never cease to amaze me.  We've all seen them in action but when I witness one, I'm always too nervous to whip out my cell phone.  The last thing I want to do is inflame the issue.  That doesn't mean I'm not super glad when other people do!  I cherish watching these vapid creatures getting exposed.

You'd hope that these videos would serve as a mirror to the offender, but even if that's too optimistic, at least the threat of getting taped should reduce the bad behavior.

The latest Karen viral video is so cringe, yet it is hysterical at the same time because she is so busted.  It is the finest example of entitlement I've ever seen.

So, you know how some restaurants provide a carafe of water on the table?  Well, this "Karen" decided that since she paid for the meal, that gave her the right to take two of the glass carafe's home with her. That's the equivalent of saying, you liked your meal so you're going to take home the silverware and plates.

What kills me the most is that she defends her right to take them because she paid $70 dollars in the establishment. In addition to that, she is driving a Porche for crying out loud! She could have driven right to the Container Store to pick up the glassware she just had to have instead of lifting it.  As if her justification and attitude were not sketch enough, can we talk about the fact that she was smuggling the carafe's in her jacket!?!?  Yeah, that's not suspicious at all.  Watch the fun here:

Can you imagine?  No shame!  You know that's not the first time that manager had to deal with this.

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