6abc reports, two guys from Philly have created an app to help you buy a drink for a friend. Ryan Perri and Nick Mingone, two guys from Philly, decided to get an app up and running to help people go out to bars and enjoy themselves by buying each other some drinks. There are a bunch of bars in Philly that are participating and I'm sure more will join as well. Once you download the app, and you want to buy a friend a drink, you can find the friend in your contacts list, pick the participating bar to buy it at and boom, drink purchased. Ryan Perri and Nick Mingone feel that if someone has a drink waiting for them at the bar, it may motivate them to come down. Hey, I know that would totally work for me!

I miss going to bars. I love to socialize and I loved going out to bars before the pandemic. I loved to have some drinks, dance and have a good time, but all of that seems like a thing of the past now that we've been in this pandemic for a year. I know now I could technically go to a bar. but I'm still afraid to. I wouldn't want to sit down next to someone, who I don't know, who I don't know who they've been exposed to and have a conversation. It would give me full on anxiety. So instead of upsetting myself, I just figured staying at home and drinking is the best bet for me. I know eventually I will start to feel safe again once I get vaccinated, but for now, I am not there yet. For those people who are going out, I am sure they haven't seen their friends in a long time, so  Ryan Perri and Nick Mingone were smart to get this app up and running now. I am sure a lot of people will be buying their friends some drinks, because let's face it, I think we could all use one.

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