Guess who is getting married next week?  It’s Britney B*!ch!  The big question is, who made the guest list?  The bigger story is who got cut.

The wedding will be an intimate affair with about 100 of their closest friends and family but Brit’s parents and her sister will not be one of them.

TMZ found out that Brit did however invite her brother, Bryan, and I have a theory why he was the chosen one.

Did you even know she had a brother?  Even if you did know about him, you've heard so little from him that you probably forgot.  To me, that's the reason that he is still inside the circle of trust, shout-out De Niro.

Bryan stays out of the press and does not comment on her life, unlike her parents and sister who even wrote a tell-all book.

You can’t blame her for that.  However, will Brit ever mend relationships with her mom, dad, and sis?  If so, will she regret not having them there on her big day?

It really feels very in-your-face of her to invite her brother and not them, but it is her day.

The conservatorship battle was only a part of the reason why Britney fell away from the rest of her family.  She has been vocal about feeling betrayed by those other family members through the media and online.

I do feel for her because family rifts are the worst.

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