The worst light at the Jersey Shore has been identified, and you have revealed to us the light that you get stuck at the most often.

This is one of those great questions that doesn’t really have a wrong answer. The light that drives you crazy is your worst light at the Jersey Shore. But which light is that light for the most people who voted in our unscientific poll. It lives, not surprisingly in Brick.

So many people felt like ‘any light in Brick’ or ‘any light on Route 70 in Brick’ was enough, but we wanted it to be more specific than that. And when all was said and done, there was a crown to be awarded.

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It turns out the light more of you mentioned to us was that light on Route 70 and Chambers Bridge Rd. Is the one you find yourself stuck at more than any other light.

It doesn’t matter what direction you’re going in, it’s gonna get you. And there doesn’t seem to be any advantage to being on Route 70. It’s gonna get you anyway.

I drive Route 70 in Brick a lot, and it really is uncanny how missing one light will cost you every light for the next 10 minutes. And it’s not a happens all the time! So, no one who voted for this light will get any argument from me.

Nor will the people who said County Line and Bennetts Mill in Jackson. It was the #2 vote getter on our list, and it’s equally as infuriating to anyone who is unfortunate enough to find on one of their regular routes.

So thanks for the votes and here’s to hoping that someone can check out these lights and see if there is any way to make the lights, and our lives, a little better.

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