Almost everybody who drives through Brick has something to say about the long red lights on Route 70. So how long are we actually sitting at those lights. We decided to find out.

If you are talking traffic or traffic light problems at the Jersey Shore it doesn't take long before the town of Brick is mentioned. And it's usually followed by the words Route 70 and a few curses.

But are those red lights really as long as we think they are? It's not like we ever exaggerate here at the Jersey Shore, right? But it does seem like you're sitting at those Route 70 lights for a half hour.

So we broke out the stopwatch and timed the big 4 traffic lights on Route 70 in Brick (we were traveling Route 70 East on a weekday afternoon) and here's what we found...

How Long Do The Big 4 Lights In Brick Stay Red?

Here are your final results from shortest to longest red lights...

Cedar Bridge...0:55.60

Route 88...1:15.75


Brick Blvd...1:22.83

So, maybe we're not at these lights for a half hour, but at least you know the light that is most likely to cause you to curse is the one you're waiting at the longest.
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