So I'm pretty sure you don't need another excuse to be at the Jersey Shore...not only will you get the best food available, you'll make memories for a lifetime.  What am I talking about? Breakfast in the sky...yep, I said breakfast in the sky!  This is sooooo cool!  Hop aboard Morey’s Piers 156-foot high Ferris wheel and eat up! I SO plan on surprising my kids with this one!

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Imagine a fresh salt air breeze blowing though your hair as you watch the surf and eat your pancakes!  This could get tricky if you order maple syrup, you may want to bring a hair tie just sayin' LOL.  I love Wildwood...and Morey’s Piers Giant Wheel is such a treat! They do it right get fine china, a white linen tablecloth and a server.

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It really is a heartwarming story, this unique breakfast experience was the creation of Morey’s Piers’ late founder, Will Morey, Sr. To honor their late father’s last wish, the second-generation Morey Brothers, made this attraction happen!  I might have to eat all my meals this way!

If you are visiting Wildwood Boardwalk then you need to check this out!  They do require reservations in advance and they allow 4 guests per car.  You can make your reservations at the address is 3501 Boardwalk Wildwood, NJ 08260
Their phone number is (609) 846-1624. Thank you to for the original reporting!

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