This morning I had the privilege to sample Marianne's recent creation:  her take on the New Basic Slimming Soup featured in For Women First Magazine.  Because it seemed so popular among Listener Friends and Townsquare Media employees, I decided to write up a quick review on it.

Advertised as a soup that is delicious AND can help to lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days (by eating twice a day), the New Basic Slimming Soup seemed too good to be true.  Marianne brought in a sample after her and Bob gave it rave reviews.  With high expectations, I threw it in the microwave and went to town.

Before I even took it out of the microwave, the office kitchen was already filled with yummy aromas of onions, peppers and spices.  My first taste had a nice, delicious kick to it - almost like a chilli flavor.  Marianne used ground turkey as her meat and it was a good choice - and also helped to keep it lean.  Among other ingredients, she used mushrooms, squash and garbanzo beans - not exactly my regular diet - but they came together with the red pepper and other foods to give it a nice consistent flavor.

The soup tasted even better considering I ate it on the coldest day of the season and needed a nice hot meal to warm me up.  I can't speak on the weight-loss claims - but I do know that I could definitely eat this on a consistent basis - and I didn't feel like a slug afterward that usually follows a heavy soup or chilli.  In fact, I felt energized and ready to continue my workday.


Overall I give the New Basic Slimming Soup 9 out of 10 squashes - very tasty and plenty of room to add your own creative twists.  Check out the full recipe HERE and discover other unique ideas from For Women Magazine.


Give us your opinion on the New Basic Slimming Soup!  How did it taste?  Did you change any ingredients?  Do you have any similar recipes?  Did it help you lose weight?  Leave your comments below and let us know!  Bon appetit!

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