I couldn't believe after my favorite, Dracula's Den in Jackson closed, I found an even scarier haunted hayride for Halloween.

Haunted hayrides are my all-time favorite thing to do for the Halloween season. If you've never been on one, try it.

Haunted houses are so popular in New Jersey and there are several great ones. Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest is a great way to get a scare, too. But, a haunted hayride is the "best" way to get scared for me.

I was in search of another haunted hayride in New Jersey since my favorite closed and I believe I found it. It was a little bit more of a drive than to Jackson, but it was totally worth it.

This haunted hayride called "Haunted Hayride Terror" is located a C. Casola Farms. It's located in Marlboro at 131 S. Main Street, Marlboro, NJ. The reason I love haunted hayrides so much -  is the anticipation of when and where someone or something will jump out at us on the ride. For some reason, I feel so much safer and a little bit less scared when I'm on a hayride instead of walking through a haunted house or haunted woods.

This haunted hayride was great. It had a little bit of everything - suspense, clowns, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, chainsaws, and more. The hayride was wide enough, we just knew they would be jumping up and in to scare us. It was unbelievably scary in my opinion. Every one of the scary monsters jumped up on the ride, it was just great. It's totally worth the drive. We all loved it.

For more information on C. Casola Farms and all of their haunted attractions, click here.

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