How many of us get to say, "So long, Honey, I'm off to work" - and then spend the day at the ballpark? About 100 people will get to say it all summer here in Ocean County.

Lakewood Blueclaws Game Day Staffers (Lakewood Blueclaws)
Lakewood Blueclaws Game Day Staffers (Lakewood Blueclaws)

The Lakewood Blueclaws interview hopefuls for part-time spots during the 2016 season, during their February 6 job fair at First Energy Park. It runs from 8 AM until 2 PM.

Openings include ushers, security, parking, concessions, bat boys, Kids Zone attendants, the Clean Team, ticket takers, production, promotions, food & beverage, and merchandise.

Events and Operations Manager Kayla Reilly, herself a seasonal applicant nine years ago at age 16, now a matured department head, says there are 75 spots to fill in food and beverage vending, and another 30 to 40 in operations.

Standard pay is $8.38 an hour, and attendance at all 70 home games is preferred, but not a requirement, Kayla says, adding that she's living proof of the growth potential in any position with the team.

Kayla's got an effervescent personality and enjoys meeting people, two qualities that she considers vital to the role of ballpark employees.

"'Friendly' is one of the big ones," she said. "Helpful, welcoming to the fans. The first people who fans usually interact with are on our part-time game-day staff. That makes the positions very important to our organization."

Deanna Bifalco and Melody Walthers (Lakewood Blueclaws)
Deanna Bifalco and Melody Walthers (Lakewood Blueclaws)

Groundskeepers and promotions staffers typically have some interaction with players from time to time, while ushers and playground attendants are more fan-oriented and get to watch the games. How's the work atmosphere? Good enough, Kayla said, for many to return every year.

"There are people who have worked here the last 15 seasons, since our inaugural one," she said. "We always have room for new people, but we also have those who have been with us for 10 or 15 years. I've been here for nine years!"

The team says that everyone who applies will be interviewed, in order of arrival time, so the early birds have the shortest turnaround time. Kayla suggests downloading and completing the online application and position interest form, and bringing them to the fair for quick attention.

No special skill sets are required, but media capabilities, security expertise, and other specialized talents are encouraged.

If, like Kayla, you're a teen, perhaps still in school, and haven't had enough years to build a resume, your school participation speaks volume, she said.

"Good grades are a really good indicator of who you are as a person," she said. "If you're active in schools and clubs, it usually means that you're a hard worker."

Happy job hunting, and best of luck!

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