The maker of a video, filmed in mid-January 2021, claims that an image of a figure captured at the Menantco Ponds Wildlife Management Area in Millville, New Jersey is a bigfoot.

The producer of the video, who's handle is "Man of Light", claims that it's bigfoot near the end of the video. He also claims, "There is a family of about six who live there and possibly more."

So, what do you think? Could it be a Bigfoot? Have you seen or heard anything in the Millville area that would lend credence to this?

A follow-up video includes a still photo that alleges a bigfoot sleeping under a pine. The video narrator claims an uneasy, eerie feeling about being near the potential creature. A commentor on the video agrees with the unsettled feeling around bigfoot.

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The eerie feeling has been accounted for by most who are in the area of one. It seems as they can instill fear somehow....I am from the area and have had some experiences too.

In the meantime, the identity of "Man of Light" remains a mystery. Dear "Man," contact me. I'd love to go visit the Bigfoot family with you some time.

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