A group of surfcasters made the catch of the day at Island Beach State Park in Berkeley Township this morning when they discovered a large Tuna fish on the beach.

It's not known how the tuna ended up on the sand at IBSP but Gabriel Tackle Company in Brick, who reported the discovery, tells WOBM News that there was only one fish found and they believe it might have surfaces after chasing small striped bass and other bait fish in the water.

The discovery of the fish was made by a friend of Gabriel Tackle Company, D.J. Muller and a group of friends on Monday morning.

Tom Fote with the Jersey Coast Anglers Association tells WOBM News that these Atlantic Bluefin Tuna aren't all that rare, in fact more common than you think landing on the shore sands, as they usually swim about a half a mile from the beach.

"When they come out and look like a big bomb coming out of the water when they splash," Fote said. "They're migrating around this time of the year and show up after they leave New England after feeding on fish like herring and then head south to North Carolina."

He says it's possible the tuna found at IBSP Monday morning was likely chasing some fish near the beach.

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