After last weekend’s freak snowstorm, many Jersey schools are being forced to rearrange their calendars for the rest of the school year.

Mike Yaple, a spokesman for the New Jersey School Boards Association says “the situation is really unprecedented – we’ve never seen a snow storm quite like this – before Halloween!”

He says “some schools have used up all their snow days already and some schools are still without power – so we’re really hoping this isn’t going to be a look at things to come for the rest of the school year…depending on the school district, it could really wreak havoc with the school calendar…what you’re most likely to see are schools either making up snow days – perhaps in the spring break – or they may add on to the end of the school year.”

Yaple points out some districts may also opt to cut days during the winter break – but whatever choice is made, it can be very difficult.

“Because a lot of times you have families that already have plans that were made, and they were planning on having those days off- and their kids have to go to school to make up for the lost time they had way back in October…the reality is, in New Jersey it’s at least 180 days of instruction a year – before the end of the fiscal year on June 30th – or else the school district risks losing state aid.”

He also says when snow days are declared 7 weeks before the official start of winter “it’s always disruptive to the family – parents are always scrambling around, trying to find daycare or baby sitters – and it’s just a tough decision for everybody.”

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