Everyone is feeling the pain and the strain with all of the prices going up.  The struggles of inflation are affecting everyone and literally everything right now.

Not only are people struggling to pay for everyday items but there are plenty of people trying to plan for a family getaway this summer. 

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Just think about that, you have kids in school, and they go the entire school year with no breaks, and you’re trying to figure out that summer escape that you and your family deserve.  

Unfortunately, many will not take to the roads or the skies because of the insane gas prices.

Yassine Khalfalli, Unsplash
Yassine Khalfalli, Unsplash


Couple that with everyday items and it becomes impractical to leave the house.  I’m really curious to see if the amount of visitor traffic will start to pick up.  

It’s still early in the season and the weather hasn’t been all that great but will we see the uptick.  

Affinity did a dive on many of these price increases and great ways to save.  They say turn to many of the tools we have at our fingertips including certain apps.  Especially when it comes to gas.

"Apps and websites including AAA TripTik Travel Planner, Waze, and MapQuest can help you find the cheapest gas station on the route to your destination. Additionally, Wawa, BPme Rewards, Shell Fuel Rewards, and other gas station chains all offer individual gas savings when at their respective locations."

 I've used plenty of apps to help maintain finances and anything you can do to spend less, and have more fun is a huge win for you and the family.

They also discussed some of the items that went up in price, such as coffee example, to items that did not, such as pizza.

The good for you.  The Jersey Shore is one of the most diverse travel destinations on the east coast.  You can come here to relax and literally do nothing at a minimum spend.  You can also go out and party for a week straight.

The great part for us is that we call it home, and can take advantage of this travel destination in our own backyard.

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