Among the TV shows I watch with regularity is “This Is Us” which is ending its six-year run sometime in May.  Fans are already speculating how the series will end and if it’s like most episodes this season it will be one filled with emotion. I have to admit this season has been somewhat dark in nature but if you follow the Pearson family that is somewhat par for the course.

In wondering how it will all end I started thinking about the finales of some of my favorite shows over the years…at least the ones I could remember.  To me the best-ever last show was “Parenthood” which wrapped everything up and left you crying and smiling at the same time.  It’s the gold-standard for how you end a popular and long-running series.

I cheated a bit to recall others but here they are in no special order…again these are shows I watched with regularity and in some cases probably never missed an episode although in the DVR days it was a bit challenging at times.  Time does not allow for descriptions but try and test your memory.

*Breaking Bad

*The West Wing



*Friday Night Lights

*The Mary Tyler Moore Show



*The Office

*Prison Break

*Family Ties

*Barney Miller



And finally there is The Sopranos.  I have said before when I first watched this like many of you I was extremely disappointed and felt let down.  But I have come to appreciate the brilliance of this as it was left to us viewers decide what really happened.

So how will This Is Us end?  Stay tuned.

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