My name is Marianne and I am a "Pumpkinaholic".

I know it's only September 1st, but I've been doing the "pumpkin" thing for 2 weeks now: bread, bars, biscotti, creamers, coffee and lattes.

Here are just a few more companies that are jumping on the Pumpkin bandwagon:

Country Crock: Spread

Pinnacle: Vodka

Now when did the Pumpkin Craze start?  In 2003 Starbucks said "Hey, it's fall and what do people love come fall? Pumpkins!" (well maybe not those exact words, but they DID get the ball rolling).

And just a little added tidbit: have you ever tasted just plain old pumpkin?  It's not so good,  so they add the "spice" consisting of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves and THAT'S what gives it all the flavor!

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