We are deep into a Jersey Shore winter, and many of us are yearning for a piece of summertime. Some of us bundle up and walk on the boardwalk. Others head for a great, fresh seafood meal.

The Jersey Shore is one of the great seafood places on the planet. You'd never know that from national publications, which not only forget the Jersey Shore, but they usually skip the whole Garden State.

As a matter of fact, Country Living just named Crab Palace in Newark as the best seafood in the state. But what about the legendary seafood places here at the Shore, right?

And that's not a terrible thing. the secret is safe with us, and frankly, our great restaurants are pretty crowded without national attention, so let's keep it that way. But we do want to take a minute to celebrate 7 great seafood restaurants that deserve national love, even if they don't get it.

It's not easy picking 7 seafood restaurants here at the Jersey Shore, We did our best to put together the ten that are most popular, most delicious, and most scenic, or any combination of those.

If you don't see one that you think deserves some love, we'll be glad to provide it. Just let us know! Here are the 7 I narrowed it down to, and I'm not going to lie. the ones I really love got some special attention...

7 OF The Best Seafood Places The Jersey Shore Has To Offer

We all know the list could go on and on, and as we mentioned before, we celebrate all great local businesses, so if you didn't see your favorite, let us know!

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