Don't lie - we've all been here before.

Picture this - it's Saturday morning.  You were out partying on Friday night, and you're feeling it today.

You've got that gross feeling in your body that simultaneously makes you feel like you want to eat everything and sight and never eat another thing for the rest of your life.

If you stay in bed all day, you'll probably feel worse.  But if you push it too hard, you'll get sick. What's the solution?  Hair of the dog?  No thank you.

The only thing that will cure the icky feeling is grabbing a deliciously greasy, juicy, hangover meal from your favorite restaurant.  We all have our go-to's.  My mouth is watering just thinking of a diner's grilled cheese and fries right now!

You shared your favorite places in Ocean County for hangover cure foods, but before we get into that, let's look at why your body craves greasy foods when you're hungover.

According to, we can blame the need for greasy hangover food on a hormone called galanin.  The more alcohol we drink, the more we release galanin, and the more we want those fatty delicious snacks.

Now I totally get why I made a cheese quesadilla after a few beers on the couch on Friday night.

If you can't beat the craving for greasy hangover foods, then you might as well embrace it!  I asked you where you get your favorite Ocean County hangover meals, and you did not disappoint.

Check out the 10 places you named the best hangover cure spots in Ocean County!

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