I can't believe it happened again. Another list of best in the state and the great businesses of the Jersey Shore just get ignored. So, it's once again up to us to give local Jersey Shore businesses the love they richly deserve. This time the subject is independent bakeries.

There is absolutely no shortage of great bakeries in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, but before we get to those, let's recap the snub. Love Food has chosen the best bakery in each state, and as usual, the magnifying glass lands over North Jersey. They chose a pastry shop in Ridgewood.

Now, I never mean any disrespect to our friends up north, and if you're in the Ridgewood section, you should definitely give Sook Pastry a try. But I'm not going to let the opportunity to spotlight some of the Monmouth & Ocean County bakeries I think should be at least considered for this honor pass me by.

There are great bakeries all over the Jersey Shore, but here are 7 that, after speaking with long-time area residents, I think rise to the top and deserve some national attention as well.

Some Of The Greates Bakeries In Monmouth & Ocean Counties

Now, before you say it, we know. There are a ton of great bakeries and pastry shops in our area, and please don't feel bad if yours didn't make this list. Just let us know. We'd love to make a second list  We're all about supporting our great local businesses in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

We Have Great Bakeries And Great Cheesesteak, Too

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