There was a time when I would not shy away from controversy and address issues and subjects were certainly relevant and in some ways divisive.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I have shied away from discussing politics, religion, race, immigration and certainly vaccines.  It’s not because I don’t have opinions on all of those subjects because I do.  However regardless of my position I will likely offend a percentage of people who will then be upset with the radio station and the backlash is simply not worth it.  People do not want to hear or read anything that goes against their point of view and they take exception.  There is no longer any healthy dialogue and exchange of opinions whether it be here or in Washington.

With that said I’m going against my own rules to address an issue that is garnering a lot of attention these days and that is what types of subjects should be taught to our kindergarten through third graders.   Let me say I am in favor of inclusivity on all levels and we must recognize that not everyone is like me or you.  There is a time and age when certain discussions are appropriate and as the grandfather of an almost 3-year old I want him to understand all views and lifestyles.

However as I have said on other topics in the past we seem to be in a rush to have kids no longer be kids.  Can’t we just try and let them enjoy the simplicity of life before they are exposed to the complexity of it all?  While I’m at it how about teaching them cursive writing…now that’s something we should all be in favor of.

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