The upside is it's a summer holiday weekend and we live at the Jersey Shore. The downside is we don't get preferred parking, and that means we need to find a spot too.

So we thought it would really be a great time to have a little refresher course on the do's and don'ts of parking, especially in beach towns, and even more especially during a holiday weekend.

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These aren't the easiest to accomplish, but try your best...

Don't Take Two Spots. In most instances there are lines, so this should not be a problem, but it always is. Whether or not the lines are there, do your best to park in a way where the most people can park without getting blocked in. In other words, take a precious second to think of others. Granted this is not the easiest thing to do after you just spent half of your beach day in search of a spot, but try it. Remember, karma is a thing and this may help you next time.

Do Have Eyes In The Back Of Your Head. Your parking spot is not the most important thing you're keeping your eyes open for. The most important thing you are (or should be) doing is focusing on all the people, especially kids, who are walking around. The instinct is to see people, deduce that they are leaving, and get their spot. but the top priority is making sure those kids don't get free of their parent's hand and wind up in a dangerous place. Drive like your kids are there.

Don't Lose Patience. This is among the toughest of them all. You want to get the family on the beach, or if you dropped them off, you want to join them. And every minute you can't find a spot is a minute away from them, and a beach minute you're missing. That's when you have to breathe deep and find a way to keep it calm. Don't ruin your day by losing your patience. You know you're going to see some maddening things out there. Let them roll off of you. Easier said than done sometimes.

Don't Stalk. Please don't pull the old Christmas in the mall parking lot trick. With all the cars searching for a spot and all the people walking around, there is simply no way you can spot someone who looks like they're leaving and crawl behind them until they get to their car. Every car near you will despise it, and odds are the person is just getting the sunglasses they forgot in the car, and aren't even leaving.

This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg, but at least it's a good start. Good luck this weekend.

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