It looks like a hugely popular music festival that those at the Jersey Shore and beyond have been craving to make a return will be happening.

An eagle-eyed fan noticed the official website for The Bamboozle had gone retro, but with new and exciting information.

Ahh, remember MySpace? If you look at the cleverly placed details it tells the tale of a Bambooze reboot. In the festival details section, the status says "Reunited." The last login was 5/20/12. That just happens to be the date of the last Bamboozle festival performance day. And even more telling, under "About Me," it reads:

A lost but never forgotten celebration of emo and pop that was last seen on the beaches of Asbury Park. Welcome to The Awakening of The Bamboozle 2023. A 20 Year Anniversary of the Revolutionary Festival.

The Bamboozle was an annual three-day music festival held in Asbury Park and the Meadowlands from 2003 to 2012. Some pretty huge names took the stage including Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Drake, and Bon Jovi just to mention a few.

The event reportedly stopped after creative differences between founder John D and the promoter.

John D'Esposito, one of the founders of The Bamboozle posted Wednesday on Facebook:

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Shamrocks and Shenanigans!

As promised, today a festival website was launched. ...

Posted by John D'Esposito on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

John D said:

18 years ago, we created an event on Myspace - for its 20th anniversary we are inviting back some old friends, introducing everyone to new friends and will no doubt, redefine a scene and once again rise to the top of the festival world.

Lots of questions still remain. Will The Bamboozle be in addition to Sea. Hear. Now. or replace it? There's also no word on a lineup or dates. My sources have been the official Bamboozle website, and the statement made by founder John D'Esposito. When we have confirmation on the event, we'll pass it along. Watch this space.

A 20th-anniversary show is huge. Which artists should headline The Bamboozle: The Awakening in 2023? Tell me.

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