It’s been cold and windy and very un-spring like.  So what else is new?  I mean everyone has been complaining about the weather, especially the cold.  Want to watch your kid play a baseball, softball, lacrosse or soccer game?  Bundle up, especially at night when gloves and hats are in order.

The average high temperature for April over the past 30 years is 62 degrees and my guess is we are probably below that by several degrees this month.  In my very unofficial research the warmest day of the month was Tuesday, April 12 when the thermometer hit 73 degrees in Toms River.  While things will get better in May don’t look for a sudden warm up over the first two weeks as we’ll be in the 50’s and 60’s for most of that time.

It would appear the stage is being set for what we have experienced more often than not over the past few years and that is the feeling that we will go from what feels like winter to summer in a matter of days.  Many will get caught in a quandary as to what to wear as they have not yet brought out their true spring and summer clothes.  Wearing boots on an 80 degree day will be a site often seen and quickly it will be time to put away the browns, blacks and greys and replace them with yellow, sky blue and my favorite…pink.

There is no getting around it….April has been awful and the start of May doesn’t look much better.  But close your eyes tight and think of a hot summer day on the beach cooling off in the ocean.  It’s coming…it’s coming.

Beach Days are coming
Beach Days are coming


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