To all of my Jersey Shore parents with babies, I am so sorry for the struggle you have had to endure the past month.

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The state of emergency baby formula shortage is on top of mind for everyone, so as a result resources are popping up to help parents in need.

Unsplash, Emanuel Minca
Unsplash, Emanuel Minca

A few quick things to note:

New Jersey is officially in a state of emergency because of the baby formula shortage and that came directly from Governor Phil Murphy.

The main purpose of declaring a state of emergency is to intensify the consequences for anyone who takes advantage of desperate parents and price gouges the cost of baby formula.

Murphy is coming for you if you decide to do it anyway:

"To any retailer who may try to take advantage of vulnerable families during this shortage, let me be clear that this reprehensible action will not be tolerated. And to any New Jerseyan affected by this shortage, rest assured that my administration will do everything in our power to ensure families have access to the formula they need."

Also be aware that the NJ Poison Control Center released two urgent warnings for parents in regards to the baby formula shortage:

1. It is not safe to dilute or water down baby formula.

2. It is not safe to try Homemade or Do-It-Yourself baby formula recipes.

Both could result in serious harm to an infant.

Unsplash, Omar Lopez
Unsplash, Omar Lopez


But finally, I have a silver lining.

According to, a new Facebook group has emerged to help New Jersey parents track down baby formula.

It is titled Formula Finger - NJ and already has over 2,000 followers in less than 10 days.

As scary as this situation is, I find this Facebook group extremely encouraging.

Parents are just trying to help other parents and we love to see it.

I know this doesn't fix things but I am happy to hear that other parents aren't finding baby formula and hoarding it all for themselves.

So moms and dads, just do the best you can.

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