NEPTUNE — Members of the Share River Hills First Aid Squad got quite a surprise during a call in February when a woman in labor could not wait until getting to the hospital before giving birth.

The family and the crew that helped them recently got the chance to reunite and recall that memorable morning.

According to a post on the squad's Facebook page the call came in early on the morning of February 10. The woman was experiencing contractions five minutes apart leading EMTs to believe they had time to get her to Monmouth Medical Center. As the ambulance got onto Route 36 the driver heard words they likely will not soon forget. "The baby's head is out!," the crew said.

After the ambulance pulled over a healthy baby boy was delivered just under half an hour after the squad first responded to the patient's house. The family and the members of the squad reunited on March 28 when the EMTs gave the family presents and got to see the young boy away from the side of the highway.

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