They haven't lost a game this season.

This year's football team is on fire. Last year, there were so many losses, this year was an amazing year of winning and excitement on and off the field.

Sitting in the stands on a Friday night is simply fun. The band, the student, and the home bleachers are always rocking. For Bayville residents, this is pretty cool. We haven't had a winning team in a while.

Everyone is wearing their maroon and gold, so proudly. I love the feel of a football game. There's so much excitement, with the whole community coming together.

Some of these scores are just amazing. We've won every game since the beginning of the season with nothing less than 30 points. The Gold Eagles are flying high this year. It's not just about the scores and having a winning season it's the atmosphere, the school spirit that I love.

This Friday night, October 15th, 2021, is a home game against Southern Regional. Will they win? Hopefully? But, no matter what the Central bleachers will be packed cheering on our football team. According to, Central is hoping to shut out every team in the Liberty Division, and from the head coach of Central Regional Eagles Jarrett Pidgeon, "Our motto is do the right thing - Doing the right thing at home, off the field and in the community is every bit as important as any win.”

If they do or don't win the Liberty Division, as a Mom of a student at Central Regional, I'm incredibly proud to sit in those bleachers and cheer on my team. Way to Central Regional, it's been an awesome season, "Thank you."

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