We were all sad to see Applegate Garden Center leave last year.

Applegate Garden Center helped me so much with my planting and my flowering bushes. I remember when I first moved to Bayville, I knew I needed help with my new yard and Applegate was great.

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As we went through 2020, already a tough year, I noticed Applegate Garden Center had closed and a new sign outside of the garden center, Trinity Garden Center.

The Trinity Garden Center Sign has been up for a while now and not really a lot of action. This weekend I noticed things were getting a little cleaned up since Applegate closed.

I remember looking over Facebook and seeing this from Applegate Garden Center:

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for supporting us since 98’! We have loved serving our community for 22 years. This is our last weekend that the storefront will be open. Come visit one last time!
All the years of getting Christmas trees from them and Lenny always helping me, it was always so nice.
Applegate Garden Center, for those who are not sure where this was, right along Rt. 9, across from Bayville School. After the closing, soon after a Trinity Garden Center sign went up along Rt. 9. I've called the number several times - 732-998-8393 - and no answer. There is an email on the sign abivins70@comcast.net, that I've written too, also and no response. I can not find any information about Trinity Garden Center? If you have any information on Trinity Garden Center, I would love to share it.
So, I'm thinking they're just not open yet. Driving by this weekend, it looked like some work was being done on the garden center, maybe clearing some stuff out. We'll have to wait and see. It would be great to see a new garden center open up, this girl will be ready.
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