Great weather  was here last week, and Mother's Day rolled into the Jersey Shore this weekend, making for some summer season traffic on our local roads.

I first noticed it the minute I hit the Garden State Parkway on Friday afternoon. Liz and I had just hosted the SCAN fashion show near Macy's at the Monmouth Mall, and I was heading back to Point Pleasant.

The minute I hit the Parkway South I recognized it. There were a lot (a LOT) of out of state plates sharing the road with me, and at first I thought it might be Mother's Day traffic, but I wasn't sure that made sense It was 3:00pm on Friday.

Then I was having a conversation with my plumber who happened to be at my house doing some work and he told me their schedule has been slammed by everyone opening up their Shore houses, and it started to make sense.

What I had seen on the Parkway was summer prep traffic. Between the weather (at least before the weekend) and the calendar, it seems that our seasonal visitors are beyond ready to get summer 2018 started.

This is potentially great news for local Shore businesses who are banking on a big summer season, and maybe some unwelcome news for Jersey Shore residents who just want to get where they need to go.

But we all know what we're in for, right? It'll be summer at the Jersey Shore before we know it and we've been down this sunny, crowded road before! And I, for one, am rooting for a huge summer season for local businesses. It's good for all of us.

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