I'm excited about this one. I was at the Ocean County Mall the other night and I noticed lots of work being done at the new location of P.F. Chang's. It has to be opening soon.

The signs have been saying, "Coming Soon" for a while now, but it's nice to see work being done. I checked out P.F. Chang's website and a Toms River opening is not on there as of yet. They are hiring for this location at the Ocean County Mall, click here to apply.

There are several P.F. Chang's locations in New Jersey, it will be nice to have one in Ocean County. The locations closest to us now are Freehold and Atlantic City.

An interesting fact about P.F. Chang's. If you ever wondered when P.F. Chang's first opened, it was 1993. Wow, I thought it was newer than that, but in the 90's P.F. Chang's began. There are more than 200 P.F. Chang's in the US. Also, P.F. Chang's has over 90 restaurants in more than 25 countries around the world, according to P.F. Chang's website.

P.F. Chang's will be located at the new end of the Ocean County Mall. Turning Point, Five Below, and HomeSense are on this end of the mall. It looks really good and it's such a nice entrance to the mall.

These are my favorite menu items at P.F. Chang's

I am very excited about P.F. Chang's opening. I really do like it a lot. I've gone to it a couple of times in AC and the one in Freehold. Some of my favorites on their menu: Fire Braised Short Ribs, Orange Chicken, and their Sweet and Sour Chicken. And, their desserts are to die for.

Did P.F. Chang's make the list...

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